After having successfully worked for many years as a freelance professional and having acquired ample experience advising companies and natural persons, and after having performed as a third party advisor of the public sector, Accountant Yocsina Perez Amisano –who graduated in 1998 from Universidad del Salvador– founded her innovative and well known Accounting Tax Practice Bureau in 2004, headquartered in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires.

Accountant Perez Amisano and her team have vast and impeccable professional experience in Argentina and abroad. They offer counseling services and advise clients in a personal way. Therefore, they further guarantee a comprehensive service and accompany their clients’ growth with responsibility, consistency, transparency and confidentiality.

Accountant Perez Amisano’s Accounting Tax Practice Bureau is formed by a team of professionals who will help you reach your real world of accounting and taxes comprehensively and communicatively. The team will help you make sense of the numbers collaborating to a quiet and smooth life and guiding you in making favorable decisions for you and your company.

In these times of extreme dynamism, the know-how has become a fundamental pillar of professional work, thus expanding our scientific knowledge with new tools and enabling us to accompany and guide our clients in the processes of change to reach a safe harbor together, by developing custom-made plans.

We offer accounting, tax, corporate, administrative and legal solutions, advising closely all our clients, providing professional coverage of optimal quality according to their needs and in line with the constantly changing market trends.

Thanks to our services, prepared to face all kinds of challenges, you can focus on other important aspects of your personal and business life.

Responding to your needs is our priority from the first contact onwards.


It is our goal to offer a customized high quality professional service that responds satisfactorily to the particular needs of each of our clients, with specific solutions and a comprehensive service of excellence.

To us it is crucial to interact with our clients in an effective and efficient way.